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Theresa O'Dea strikes the perfect balance between thoughtful research, actionable planning, and laser focused execution to produce optimal results. Her collaborative approach and unique ability to bring out the best in others improves every plan and project. The following work samples showcase  her range of skills, experiences, and leadership capabilities. 

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Dallas Market Center: 
Integrated Marketing Strategy & Execution

Dallas Market Center needed to reinvigorate its reputation in the interior design community and increase buyer traffic at its furniture, lighting, and gift markets. Theresa created and managed an integrated marketing plan which included strategic partnerships, sponsorships, influencer plans, media plans, social strategy, event programming, and promotions. Also, she developed a content strategy for a10k distribution magazine, 19k email audience, and paid and organic social campaigns. Theresa and her team dramatically increased buyer attendance and brand reputation while realizing a 60% cost reduction. Social media followers increased by 173%, and average email open rates rose by 33% during her tenure as vice president of business development. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield:
Brand Strategy & Storytelling

As part of its growth strategy, Blue Cross Blue Shield planned to re-brand its supplemental insurance arm - Lifesecure. Theresa conducted stakeholder interviews, strategy sessions, and consumer research to understand Lifesecure's competitive advantages. She capitalized on the company's unique and innovative culture to reimagine the brand from the ground up, including a new mission, corporate vision, brand voice, value statements, tag line, customer service messaging, and content for sales collateral and website. 

General Motors:
Public Relations Strategy & Event Execution

To achieve new sales goals, General Motors needed to expand its influence beyond the automotive media market. As GM's regional communications leader, Theresa identified opportunities to garner mainstream media coverage that would influence younger and more culturally diverse buyers. She conceived many new events and promotions including a fashion show and contest using car parts. The show took place in the center of Chicago's Union Station with GM vehicles on display and some of the biggest media outlets in attendance. Theresa collaborated with leaders, designers, sponsors, and vendors to execute all logistics and media relations. This concept has since been adopted by Project Runway, Ford Motor Company, and others.

Communications Strategy

Ecobat was a $3B lead company that experienced multiple mergers and leadership changes. They needed to unify their brands under one entity and modernize their messaging to appeal to new audiences. Through thoughtful strategy sessions and a careful ESG plan, Theresa and her team transformed Ecobat into a recycling and resources company with a messaging architecture and strategy to support its regulatory and business development priorities. 

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National Football League Draft: Events, Promotions, Community Outreach

The National Football League sought new cities to host the NFL Draft and the Detroit Sports Commission wanted to throw its hat in the ring. On a tight deadline, Theresa provided a comprehensive plan that included market research, community outreach, public relations, promotions, and merchandising concepts. Her plan became the backbone for the NFL Draft's marketing strategy and secured Detroit as its host city. 

The Today Show: Content Creation

A lifelong writer, Theresa has penned hundreds of articles, essays, and poems. As a creative project, she contributed humorous essays to the Today Show's website and gained over 3,000 active readers in two months. 

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