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Theresa O'Dea

Strategist, Catalyst, Enthusiast

Theresa has spent over two decades driving growth for large corporations as well as entrepreneurial organizations. Her experience spans a dynamic range of industries including aerospace, advertising, design, food science, manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, entertainment, and more. She has worked for top brands such as General Motors, Raytheon Technologies, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and the National Football League.

Theresa has provided counsel in the areas of brand strategy, lifecycle planning, strategic planning, trend forecasting, digital marketing, employee experience, corporate communications, and leadership. 

Theresa is a trusted ally and thought leader in her field. She has an open communication style and genuine interest in helping others succeed. 

She has served as board member of the University of Michigan’s Heinz C. Prechter Fund, Michigan State University Alumni Association, and Common Ground Sanctuary. Also, she is an accomplished artist and writer.


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